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Climate Change is not Trump’s issue

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has recently withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement signed by 200 countries of the world. The global agreement which limits carbon emissions and requires adaptation to the climate changes is not one of Trump’s concerns as he has decided the United States will no longer support this issue.

He was overheard defending his decision with a comment placed while playing in his golf club, saying that the scientists “can’t even get the weather report right, so how come they think they can get that right.”

Trump clearly denies the accuracy of scientific predictions regarding the possible outcomes of climate changes caused by human effect. It seems that the President of the United States does not believe in climate change and his officials have all refused to answer questions related to this matter.

As Pruitt has stated, Trump’s decision to cut off the United States from the Paris Agreement had nothing to do with whether the climate change is real or just a hoax but with the US economy. As most of the Republican Party’s decisions are based on the profit and success of the economy, so is this one. However, this decision may have serious consequences for the progression of the climate changes followed by natural disasters. Even his own Administration members, his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have been against the decision to take US out of the Paris Agreement.

The President went his way towards that decision, claiming the Paris Agreement was a disadvantage for American workers and the economy even though there are several studies showing how renewable energy and emissions reductions help the economy by creating more “green” jobs. Many business leaders on the top of the business rank have urged Trump to keep the United States in the agreement as they believe that is the only economically and naturally beneficial solution to this issue.

Some of the largest fuel companies also advised Trump against his decision, knowing how bad the outcome is going to be. As climate change does not seem to be one of Trump’s issues, the world may have to face harsh consequences, as Trump’s concerns are mostly related to the economy as the greater good.

President’s spokesmen on one occasion claimed they couldn’t speak for Donald Trump on this issue because they “haven’t had a chance to discuss it with the President.”

When explaining why he made the decision to withdraw the US from the Agreement, Trump relied on statistics from NERA’s report on Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on the Industrial Sector. According to those statistics, the terms of the Paris Agreement would cost America 2.7 million jobs by 2025 and even double the amount by 2040. However, the footnote of the NERA’s report clearly states that the benefits from the avoided emissions are not included in the statistics, meaning that Trump relied only on the negative aspect of the Agreement without taking into consideration how many job positions would open and how much the climate change would be effected.

New birth control coverage regulations by Trump’s administration

As Trump’s plans to replace ObamaCare are well known, his campaign has taken another step towards their goal. New regulations have been proposed, allowing any employer, insurance company or university to quit covering birth control expenses, claiming moral or religious reasons for the act.

The current law as ObamaCare legacy obligates companies and employers to cover birth control costs for their female staff. There are small exceptions for private businesses which hold certain religious beliefs against contraception. Trump’s proposal allows these companies to deny covering birth control costs for their female staff due to religious or moral reasons. The draft of the proposal dated 23rd May and the final step of making the regulation official is an OBM review.

OBM or the Office of Management and Budget is currently reviewing Trump’s regulations on the birth control coverage. According to the latest statistics, a pregnancy under Trump’s healthcare regulations will cost 425% more than it did during the ObamaCare period. With people, especially the feminist side, complaining about Trump’s actions related to the healthcare plan, things seem to be going well for his administration. The new rules can be implemented as soon as the regulation review is published which will affect thousands of women and their budget.

As birth control coverage has been an essential part of companies’ requirements when it comes to covering healthcare, having this aspect dropped will benefit employers all over the United States. However, the employers will also be required to create separate insurance plans for those who willingly deny having birth control coverage.

Trump’s administration will cost women across the United States millions of dollars which may have a bad effect resulting in women refusing to buy contraception themselves. The Republican Party’s decision to cut down these expenses for businesses both private and state owned will positively affect the economy of the higher class while beating down the middle and low class with additional out-of-pocket costs.

While Trump’s Administration is more focused on the economy of the higher class, women are going to face hard times where only one complete pregnancy will cost up to 17 000$. Without insurance companies covering the costs of women’s healthcare, many of them wont be able to afford having a child which will result in dissatisfaction towards the President himself. Feminist groups, believing that it is a woman’s right to be able to have a child, are already protesting and refusing to accept these healthcare regulations. What took Barack Obama 8 years to build, Trump will soon tear down and the Republican Party will have their way of controlling the financial costs of healthcare plans. Satisfied or not, people are going to have to face the fall of ObamaCare and the large increase of healthcare expenses. While ObamaCare allowed some businesses with religious beliefs to deny covering birth control costs, it required a lot of paperwork to be done by the employers. With Trump’s new regulations, businesses will be able to simply deny covering female staff’s healthcare plans without the hassle of doing paperwork but with just a heads up to the government.

Trump’s tweets on the travel ban

President Donald Trump’s latest decision to ban people from Muslim countries entering the United States has, as he says, been proven correct after the recent terrorist attack that took place in London. Trump calls this decision a “travel ban” as he has requested a total shutdown of Muslim immigration to the country. The Republican side and his supporters have accepted this decision as the only correct way to protect the country from terrorist attacks that have been spreading through Europe recently.

Even though the Justice Department Lawyers have avoided calling this executive order a “travel ban” and called it a “temporary pause”, the President has clearly stated his reasons and claims on Twitter in the past few days.

He has called out the Justice Department Lawyers for “watering down” his travel ban and trying to make it sound more politically correct. Clearly, the President is trying to break political boundaries for the sake of the security of the United States, as he states in his tweets:


“We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security of our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.” – Tweeted on June 4th, 2017.


“The Justice Department should have stayed with the original TRAVEL BAN, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.” – Tweeted on June 5th, 2017.


He has confirmed through his tweets how this executive order is and will be referred to as a travel ban for he is determined to deny entrance to the country to Muslims all over the world. Whether this is a correct way of protecting the United States is an open debate among Democrats and Republicans.


“People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!” – Tweeted on June 5th, 2017.


“That’s right, we needed a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that wont help us protect our people!”


As seen from the President’s latest tweets, Trump refuses to call his decision anything but the travel ban for he is certain that is the only thing that can keep the people of the United States safe. He denies using politically correct terms to refer to the actions he is taking in order to protect his people. Whether this is a smart decision or an unfair judgement towards all Muslims remains a topic for debates. As seen from the recent tweets, Trump will not back down from his decision whether he had the support of majority of people or not. Following this decision, airport security and checks have been brought to a higher level where Trump requests to have the tourists’ social media accounts checked prior to entering the country. Being politically correct or not, Trump has increased the levels of security as no other president has done in the past. If this will result in a positive outcome we will find out over the period of the next few months.