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New birth control coverage regulations by Trump’s administration

As Trump’s plans to replace ObamaCare are well known, his campaign has taken another step towards their goal. New regulations have been proposed, allowing any employer, insurance company or university to quit covering birth control expenses, claiming moral or religious reasons for the act.

The current law as ObamaCare legacy obligates companies and employers to cover birth control costs for their female staff. There are small exceptions for private businesses which hold certain religious beliefs against contraception. Trump’s proposal allows these companies to deny covering birth control costs for their female staff due to religious or moral reasons. The draft of the proposal dated 23rd May and the final step of making the regulation official is an OBM review.

OBM or the Office of Management and Budget is currently reviewing Trump’s regulations on the birth control coverage. According to the latest statistics, a pregnancy under Trump’s healthcare regulations will cost 425% more than it did during the ObamaCare period. With people, especially the feminist side, complaining about Trump’s actions related to the healthcare plan, things seem to be going well for his administration. The new rules can be implemented as soon as the regulation review is published which will affect thousands of women and their budget.

As birth control coverage has been an essential part of companies’ requirements when it comes to covering healthcare, having this aspect dropped will benefit employers all over the United States. However, the employers will also be required to create separate insurance plans for those who willingly deny having birth control coverage.

Trump’s administration will cost women across the United States millions of dollars which may have a bad effect resulting in women refusing to buy contraception themselves. The Republican Party’s decision to cut down these expenses for businesses both private and state owned will positively affect the economy of the higher class while beating down the middle and low class with additional out-of-pocket costs.

While Trump’s Administration is more focused on the economy of the higher class, women are going to face hard times where only one complete pregnancy will cost up to 17 000$. Without insurance companies covering the costs of women’s healthcare, many of them wont be able to afford having a child which will result in dissatisfaction towards the President himself. Feminist groups, believing that it is a woman’s right to be able to have a child, are already protesting and refusing to accept these healthcare regulations. What took Barack Obama 8 years to build, Trump will soon tear down and the Republican Party will have their way of controlling the financial costs of healthcare plans. Satisfied or not, people are going to have to face the fall of ObamaCare and the large increase of healthcare expenses. While ObamaCare allowed some businesses with religious beliefs to deny covering birth control costs, it required a lot of paperwork to be done by the employers. With Trump’s new regulations, businesses will be able to simply deny covering female staff’s healthcare plans without the hassle of doing paperwork but with just a heads up to the government.