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Climate Change is not Trump’s issue

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has recently withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement signed by 200 countries of the world. The global agreement which limits carbon emissions and requires adaptation to the climate changes is not one of Trump’s concerns as he has decided the United States will no longer support this issue.

He was overheard defending his decision with a comment placed while playing in his golf club, saying that the scientists “can’t even get the weather report right, so how come they think they can get that right.”

Trump clearly denies the accuracy of scientific predictions regarding the possible outcomes of climate changes caused by human effect. It seems that the President of the United States does not believe in climate change and his officials have all refused to answer questions related to this matter.

As Pruitt has stated, Trump’s decision to cut off the United States from the Paris Agreement had nothing to do with whether the climate change is real or just a hoax but with the US economy. As most of the Republican Party’s decisions are based on the profit and success of the economy, so is this one. However, this decision may have serious consequences for the progression of the climate changes followed by natural disasters. Even his own Administration members, his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have been against the decision to take US out of the Paris Agreement.

The President went his way towards that decision, claiming the Paris Agreement was a disadvantage for American workers and the economy even though there are several studies showing how renewable energy and emissions reductions help the economy by creating more “green” jobs. Many business leaders on the top of the business rank have urged Trump to keep the United States in the agreement as they believe that is the only economically and naturally beneficial solution to this issue.

Some of the largest fuel companies also advised Trump against his decision, knowing how bad the outcome is going to be. As climate change does not seem to be one of Trump’s issues, the world may have to face harsh consequences, as Trump’s concerns are mostly related to the economy as the greater good.

President’s spokesmen on one occasion claimed they couldn’t speak for Donald Trump on this issue because they “haven’t had a chance to discuss it with the President.”

When explaining why he made the decision to withdraw the US from the Agreement, Trump relied on statistics from NERA’s report on Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on the Industrial Sector. According to those statistics, the terms of the Paris Agreement would cost America 2.7 million jobs by 2025 and even double the amount by 2040. However, the footnote of the NERA’s report clearly states that the benefits from the avoided emissions are not included in the statistics, meaning that Trump relied only on the negative aspect of the Agreement without taking into consideration how many job positions would open and how much the climate change would be effected.